The recycled oak benches on the Golf des Yvelines estate are not just aesthetic additions to the course; they embody our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. Made from wood salvaged on site, these benches demonstrate our commitment to reusing resources responsibly.

Each bench tells a unique story, having had a previous life in the forests surrounding the course. Carefully transformed by our grounds team, these pieces of wood are given a new lease of life as welcoming seats, offering golfers a well-deserved moment of rest in the heart of nature.

But these seats don’t just provide comfort for our players; they also symbolise our commitment to biodiversity. Using recycled wood helps to reduce our environmental footprint by preserving existing trees and minimising the need for further felling.

This initiative fits in perfectly with our efforts to obtain the Golf pour la Biodiversité silver label, awarded by the French Golf Federation (FFGolf) and the Natural History Museum. By choosing sustainable materials and promoting the conservation of local ecosystems, we are actively working to preserve the natural wealth of our environment and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

So each bench made from recycled oak is another step towards our goal of creating a harmonious playing environment, where the beauty of the landscape and respect for nature combine to create an unforgettable golfing experience.

The recycled oak benches at Le Golf des Yvelines embody a strong ecological commitment, while offering golfers a moment of rest in the heart of nature. This initiative is part of the drive to obtain the Golf pour la Biodiversité silver label, demonstrating a commitment to preserving the local environment.