Preserving biodiversity

Respect for the environment is one of Resonance Golf Collection’s core concerns. Le Golf des Yvelines is sensitive to the species that live on the course and works daily to protect and develop these species, whether fauna or flora, which are sometimes threatened with extinction.

Actions taken to protect flora and fauna


Golf des Yvelines is an estate where nature is omnipresent. Deer can be seen at every turn, and the undergrowth is rich in biodiversity. My job is not exclusively devoted to golf, because the course is part of a much larger natural area,” explains Raymond Morand. You have to realize that certain parts of the course are located right next to the natural habitat of numerous species. That’s why the start of the 4 is sometimes scratched by badgers living just below. It’s also the reason for a vast area left uncultivated to the left of the fairway on 12: “This whole wooded area is left entirely to nature. We don’t intervene at all. The brambles come back in certain places and allow young trees to grow without being trampled by deer, which are numerous to come and give birth in these areas. It’s a precious habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna.


Zoom in on the Golf des Yvelines square

To the left of the fairway on No. 6, a rough wooden enclosure stands out. It is high and surrounded by a sturdy fence. Yet no animals are kept inside. Rather, it’s the very young trees that seem to be protected here. Raymond Morand confirms: “It’s a placeau whose long-term aim is to repopulate the forest. Taking an interest in the forest is just as important as taking care of the grass on this course. Especially as it was there long before the golf course. So if we focus solely on the course, without taking into account the appropriate management of the woods, it’s going to be a dull plain here in the long run. So the idea is to create a protected island of future trees that we won’t see grow, but which will benefit future generations. We’ve collected 96 trees of all varieties: oak, birch and even a conifer. For the moment, it’s a drop in the ocean, but it’s a first way of experimenting with the idea of larger ones in the near future. With this plot, we’re taking concrete action for future generations.

Un enclos en bois destiné à la pousse de jeunes arbres, Resonance Golf Collection

A wooden enclosure for growing saplings, Resonance Golf Collection The idea is that they too can take care of this place and improve it in their turn. Because at the end of the day, we’re all just visitors to this kind of island of unspoilt nature.

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