Controlled use of products

Respect for the environment is a core concern at Golf des Yvelines. This involves the controlled use of products and anticipating the arrival of 0 phytosanitary products. Our teams in the field have already been working towards this goal for several years.

Our maintenance practices

Tondeuse fairway golf des yvelines. Resonance Golf Collection

This is undoubtedly the main challenge facing all golf courses in France: the ban on phytosanitary products in 2025. Le Golf des Yvelines has already anticipated this. We switched to bio-control a few years ago,” confirms the steward. On the 9-hole Les Tilleuls course, we only use natural fertilizer, without any synthetic products. But in my opinion, the most important thing is not to start a race for the “lowest” greens possible. Because the lower the mowing height, the more disease you get. And no product can replace regular mechanical work: aeration, sandblasting, top dressing, rolling… I do between 20 and 25 top dressings a year, which allows me to add sand in small quantities without suffocating the turf. Last but not least, it’s knowing your own soil that enables you to anticipate possible diseases and therefore dispense with synthetic products.

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